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We know it's a mess to keep track of all the expenses, discounts and who owes who what for each event, so rather then spending your time building spreadsheets and punching the calculator let EqualTab.com do the work! EqualTab.com provides tools for you and all your attending guests to manage the event expenses together. Take a look at the expense tools available to split your bill after an event:

The Expense Page:

This page allows you and your guests to keep track of how much was spent for the event. You can enter expenses for yourself or anyone attending the event. The person who created the event and the person who paid the expense will be able to modify or remove the expense at anytime before the event is marked as closed by the host.

event expense management

The Discounts Page:

This page allows you to give discounts to your attending guests or the guests they bring. Discounts are handy in situations where someone doesn’t participate in all the activities, or maybe your event was a birthday surprise and you want to give them 100% off the entire event! There are many situations that may come up where you need the ability to provide a discount to guests. This feature gives you the ability to give discounts for the entire event or specific expenses listed on the expense page.

event discount management

The Tabs Page:

This is the page where everything comes together; the tab feature takes all the expenses posted and all the discounts given into the tabs calculation formula. It tells you exactly how much each person should pay before discounts, and then it calculates the tabs after all the discounts are included. So people who did not participate in certain activities do not have to pay extra and people who did participate cover the extra cost. Review the numbers, and if everything looks correct, close the event, and EqualTab will send out tabs to each guest. You can then reference back to your account page to see all the open tabs and settle them as you receive payment from your guests. In the event someone forgets to pay, there is an open tab reminder tool.

Save your time and effort for more important things in life and let EqualTab do all the calculations for you!

event tabs management

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