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Inviting guests is easy. Simply enter the names and emails of your guests and send out the invite! You can also easily send group messages to all the invited guests, or to only those who plan to attend.

Once your event is set up, you and your friends will have access to tools such as to do lists, expense calculators, and the “Shout Out” message board to help plan your event, share ideas, and manage the budget!

Event Main Page:

Our tools for planning and managing your event

Event To-Do List Page:

Once you have the details planned out, you can then setup a To-Do List. You can create To-Do Items for all the things you need to work on or need others to help you with in order to get the event started. You can assign invited guests to the To-Do Items or just leave them Open and let your guests claim them, it's that easy. If they are not doing their job to get the item completed on time, you can always send them a friendly reminder through our Send Reminder feature.

Setting up a to-do list for your event

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